When San Francisco went into lockdown on March 17, 2020, I understood the historical value of the moment and realized that normal life would be altered for a very long time.

As the correspondent of the international photo news agency LAIF, I drove through San Francisco documenting this extraordinary day. Going through the deserted streets reminded me of some of the assignments I had when I was a war photographer except that this time, the enemy is invisible and does not take sides. There is no warning when it strikes and there is no cease-fire to be negotiated.

This story is unique in the sense that it is happening at the same time in the entire world. You see the same types of scenes everywhere, just with different people in different places.

My goal is to try to tell the story with images that will have a potential archival value since I get paid from the licensing of my images through my agency and its affiliates worldwide. I still have some images I took 35 years ago that get published today.”

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