Kayaker Cyril Derreumaux Getting Ready To Cross The Pacific Ocean

French-born American entrepreneur Cyril Derreumaux (44) will leave at the end of May 2021 for a solo and unsupported sea kayak Pacific crossing from California to Hawaii. Derreumaux anticipates spending 70 days alone in his 23-foot boat for the 2,400 nautical miles (2,700 miles/ 4,400 kms) trip.

His kayak weighs about 400 pounds and is reinforced with carbon fiber. It features a small cabin he can squeeze into to sleep and ride out storms.

He will take with him around 300 pounds of gear and supplies such as freeze-dried meals and smoothie powders . He will use a water desalinator and electronics for navigating and communicating. Solar panels will provide the necessary electrical power for his instruments.

He will propel himself with an 87-inch-long paddle as well as a pair of special flippers mounted to the hull, powered by foot-pedals. This apparatus will also help with preventing his leg muscles from atrophy.

If he finishes, Derreumaux will be second paddler to achieve this feat. In 1987, Ed Gillet completed the first solo kayak from Monterey,CA, to Maui .

Derreumaux has been training in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost a year now and spent many nights anchored to a buoy to test the kayak and equipment.

His website is  https://solokayaktohawaii.com

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